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Roll-On and Roll-Off Bins (RORO Bins)


Ever thought off where to throw your old furniture, sofa’s, mattresses, electrical appliances, trimmed branches/garden waste or construction waste from your house/office/factory especially during festivities, renovations or moving in/out?


Normally, people tend to get rid of their junk by chucking the items by the roadside, open spaces, playground and bushes or even into the rivers/ moonsoon drains.


Improper disposal of these “bulky” wastes will be an eyesore and even pose as a hazard to both public and our environment.


Nilai Landscape has a solution to dispose all the above waste economically and safely with our ‘Roll-on & Roll-off’ bins (RORO bins). Our bins will be delivered to any areas within Nilai, Seremban and nearby neighboring locations. We allow you to fill up the bin for as long as one week to before we pull it away for disposal.


We have 2 commonly used sizes of bins readily available for rental:


1) 12ft (long) x 6ft (wide) x 2ft (high) – we called it “small bins”. It is suitable for construction waste eg: concrete stripes, stones, rocks or iron/metal residues. Our rental service cost is only RM200/trip.




2) 12ft (long) x 6ft (wide) x 4ft (high) – we called it “big bins”. It is suitable  for light but bulky waste such as electrical waste, garden waste, old furniture’s, sofas, mattresses, woodens residues, chipboards or corrugated carton boxes. Our rental  service cost is RM250/trip.



For more information, please call our Mr. Ong at 06-799 2882, 06-799 1671, 06-799 1669.